Tuesday, October 19, 2010

chapter 7 reflection

In chapter 7 Administrative Software I learned about software types. Word processing software is the most commonly used computer application. This software helps us to prepare letters, reports, lesson plans, and more. I learned what is (WYSIWYG) “What you see is what you get, it is word processor format that let us look a preview of our document before printed. Spreadsheets software can help me to prepare budgets, numeric tables and summaries, organize data into vertical columns and horizontal rows, type in alphabetic or numeric data, and create formulas and functions. Database management software can help me to organize mailing list, and reports. And the Presentation software can help me to create presentations for workshops, conferences, and meetings. This software has many capabilities as animation, hyperlinks, templates, and multimedia elements, printing options, display options and more. I think these software can help me to realize my homework or any project I need to do, well organize, presented, easy to do and understand.

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  1. Can you use this as a student now? Will you be able to use it in the classroom with your students or as an aid to keeping up with paperwork?