Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chapter 10 reflection

I learned that I could find educational resources on the web. Online publications as journals and articles can help me to find information easily. There is a wiki site that contains information that anyone can alter, but I think this is one of the sites that have clear and understandable information. There are also weblogs, or blogs, that is one way of communication and where people can post personal commentary on the web. In Education Portals we can found many things as teacher’s guides, lesson plans, educational games, information about schools and colleges, and more. I learned that classroom management tools on the web could help me to create test for the students, and to store and average student grades. E-Pals can help students practice communication skills while enhance cultural awareness. And there are three important things a teacher has to judge to determine if the resource is appropriate for the students; 1. Acceptable use, 2. Privacy, 3. Filtering (student level). These web sites can help me with my future job as teacher to organize the units I’ll teach, to help students to improve their communication and to show them new ways to find and learn new information that is appropriate for their age and level.

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  1. I find all the information on the web overwhelming. I see a lot of great stuff out there, but sometimes it is so hard to filter. I think that having a few people I can bounce ideas off really helps me identify how and what I want to do.