Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chapter 9 reflection

In chapter 9, The Internet and The World Wide Web, I learned about connections, telecommunications, tools and services. I learned that Modems carry a signal between a computer and the Internet and make the communication possible. Internet service providers (ISPs) are network that provides the computer a way to connect to the Internet and this service is typically paid per month. The primary communication tool on the Internet is Email. It works similarly to post office boxes but faster. Another communication tool is the computer discussion. It can be public or private, and it is good for teachers and student to share ideas. Chat is part of an ISP’s services and it is a communication tool too. The videoconferencing software allows us to hear and see video images of each other. I think all these soft wares allow teachers to have better communication with their students, and if the student needs help with the homework after class he or she can communicate with the teacher or another student who can help her or him without problem.

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  1. Communication is the key for both students and teachers. With the tools we have today we can really be available (if we choose) to our students all the time. Unfortunately, not all of our students have internet access at home like all my college students.